Intensive Tailored Exercise Training With NAD+ Precursor Supplementation to Improve Muscle Mass and Fitness in Adolescent and Young Adult Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Survivors IAMFIT

What's the purpose of this trial?

This will be a randomized, placebo-controlled trial with a 2x2 factorial design testing the effects of an NAD+ precursor (NR) and exercise on skeletal muscle quality and VO2max in AYA HCT survivors. The primary outcome is the change in muscle strength (isometric knee extension) from baseline to 16 weeks. Key secondary outcomes are the change in muscle strength (ankle plantarflexion) from baseline to 16 weeks, the change in grip strength from baseline to 16 weeks, the change in lower extremity muscle mass from baseline to 16 weeks, the change in muscle OXPHOS capacity from baseline to 16 weeks, and the change in aerobic capacity (VO2 max) from baseline to 16 weeks.

This trial is currently open and accepting patients.

What will happen during the trial?

You may be able to join this trial if you:

The following criteria is a partial list of reasons why patients may be eligible to participate in this clinical trial. Further evaluation with a medical professional is required.

Inclusion Criteria:

1. Males and females, ages 10-30 years at enrollment
2. Able to understand and speak English
3. Diagnosis of acute leukemia (myeloid, lymphoid), aplastic anemia, or myelodysplastic syndrome requiring allogeneic HCT
4. 6-48 months from allogeneic HCT
5. Females must have a negative urine/serum pregnancy test and must use an acceptable method of contraception, including abstinence, a barrier method (diaphragm or condom), Depo-Provera, or an oral contraceptive, for the duration of the study.
6. Parental/guardian permission (informed consent) and if appropriate, child assent
7. Minimum weight of 24 kg

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Known sensitivity to NR
2. Concurrent use of any medications, including statins, likely to increase risk of NR toxicity
3. Active malignancy, investigational agent(s) within 4 wks, or supraphysiological glucocorticoids at the baseline visit
4. Currently meeting public health exercise guidelines1
5. Use of NAD+ precursors (supra-physiologic) within 4 weeks
6. Hemoglobin \< 10 g/dL
7. Platelets \< 50K
8. Diabetes Mellitus requiring insulin or insulin secretagogue
9. HbA1C ≥ 8% or fasting glucose \> 125 mg/dL; However if the participant is diabetic, both fasting glucose level and HbA1C must meet the criteria to be deemed eligible.
10. Kidney disease (eGFR \< 60 ml/min/1.73 m2)
11. Liver disease (ALT/AST \> 3 x ULN)
12. Limitations in physical function preventing exercise testing/training
13. Unstable angina or history of acute myocardial infarction (\<5 days of planned study procedures)
14. Recurrent syncope
15. Symptomatic severe aortic stenosis
16. Uncontrolled arrhythmia causing symptoms
17. Pulmonary embolus \<3 months of study procedures
18. Thrombosis of lower extremities
19. Symptomatic moderate or severe persistent asthma based on FEV from pre-HCT pulmonary function testing
20. Room air desaturation at rest ≤85%
21. Females: Pregnant or planning pregnancy
22. Non-cardiopulmonary disorders that may affect exercise performance or be aggravated by exercise (e.g. infection, renal failure, thyrotoxicosis, \>moderate GVHD resulting in physical or functional impairment)
23. Parents/guardians or subjects who, in the opinion of the Investigator, may be non-compliant with study schedules or procedures.
24. For MRI procedure: Contraindications to MRI. Individuals will be screened to ensure they can safely complete the MRI. \*participants who cannot complete the MRI will not be excluded from participation in the remainder of the study procedures if they meet those inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Additional Trial Information

Phase 2

Enrollment: 80 patients (estimated)

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City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center Beckman Research Institute

Duarte, CA

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

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St. Jude Children's Research Center

Memphis, TN

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