CAR2 Anti-CD38 A2 CAR-T Cells



CAR2 Anti-CD38 A2 CAR-T Cells has the key advantage of selectively killing high expressing CD38 positive cells, which are mostly cancer cells and thus, may limit on-target/off-tumor toxicity. CAR2 Anti-CD38 A2 CAR-T Cells are being evaluated in multiple myeloma (MM) and has successfully demonstrated strong preclinical anti-tumor activity in animal models.

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Developed By Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.
Generic Name CAR2 Anti-CD38 A2 CAR-T Cells
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Late Relapse Multiple Myeloma

The following is a listing of clinical trials for patients with multiple myeloma who have received three or more prior lines of therapy.

Smoldering Myeloma
Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS)


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