Modakafusp Alfa



Modakafusp Alfa (TAK-573) is a targeted drug therapy composed of a single fused protein combining an antibody (a type of protein) and another protein called interferon alpha (IFN-ɑ). IFN-ɑ acts as a stimulator of the immune response and has inhibitory effects on growth of some types of tumors.

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Generic Name Modakafusp Alfa
Additional Names TEV-48573, TAK-573
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Early Relapse Multiple Myeloma

The following is a listing of clinical trials for patients with multiple myeloma who have received one to two prior lines of therapy.

Late Relapse Multiple Myeloma

The following is a listing of clinical trials for patients with multiple myeloma who have received three or more prior lines of therapy.

Smoldering Myeloma
Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS)

Published Results


June 11, 2022

As of Oct 2021, 30 pts had received modakafusp alfa 1.5 mg/kg Q4W. The median number of prior lines was 7 (range 3–16); 90% of pts were refractory to an anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody (mAb), while 37% were exposed to an anti-B-cell maturation agent (BCMA). Grade (G) 3–4 treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs) were reported in 25 pts (83%); the most frequent G3–4 TEAEs were neutropenia in 19 (63%), thrombocytopenia in 13 (43%), leukopenia in 12 (40%), anemia in 9 (30%), and decreased lymphocyte count in 9 (30%) pts. As reported previously, 1 pt in the 1.5 mg/kg Q4W cohort had a G3 bleeding event, while 3 pts had G3 infections. Among all pts, the ORR was 40% (complete response, 7%; very good partial response, 20%; partial response, 13%); among anti-CD38 mAb-refractory and anti BMCA-exposed pts, the ORR was 37% and 27%, respectively. Median progression-free survival was 6 mos and median duration of response had not been reached (Kaplan-Meier estimate, 91% at 6 mos). Based on pooled available data for the Q3W and Q4W cohorts (all doses) within the escalation and expansion phases, there was a strong trend for a dose-exposure-response relationship for ORR, with the apparent inflection point at 1.5 mg/kg Q4W dosing. No apparent relationship between dose-exposure-response and G3/4 thrombocytopenia or neutropenia was observed across all doses, whereas a correlation between dose-exposure-response and incidence of infusion-related reactions across the 0.4–6 mg/kg Q3W and Q4W dosing cohorts was found. There was an apparent non-linear (more than dose proportional) increase in exposure in the dose range of 0.1–3 mg/kg with a geometric mean terminal half-life of 13 hours in serum for modakafusp alfa 1.5 mg/kg. Based on the available data, 14% and 60% of pts were ADA positive at baseline and post-treatment, respectively.


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