bb2121 is a new treatment being investigated in myeloma that belongs to a type of immunotherapy known as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy. This involves T-cells being taken from the patient and being changed to find myeloma cells more easily. When it finds myeloma cells, bb2121 removes and destroys them.

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Generic Name bb2121
Additional Names idecabtagene vicleucel (ide-cel)
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BB2121 CAR T Results Described in New England Journal of Medicine

May 08, 2019

In the Phase I study, 33 patients with relapsed or refractory myeloma were giving bb2121 as a single infusion of the CAR T product at different doses in the dose escalation phase (50×106, 150×106, 450×106, or 800×10). Two of of those doses (150×106 to 450×106) were used in the expansion phase. Patients who participated had received at least three prior lines of treatment and their myeloma had become resistant to both a proteasome inhibitor and an immunomodulator. As in all phase I studies, the goal is to assess safety.

The following data was gathered up until 6.2 months after the last patient’s infusion date:

  • The objective response rate was 85%. Fifteen patients (45%) had complete responses and six of these 15 have relapsed.
  • Sixteen patients who had a partial response or better were tested for minimal residual disease (MRD) and had MRD negative status.
  • The median progression-free survival was 11.8 months.
  • The CAR T cells persisted up to 1 year after the infusion.