Iopofosine I-131 (CLR 131)



Iopofosine I 131 (CLR 131) is a phospholipid drug conjugate (PDC) that selectively delivers radiation (a cytotoxic radioisotope called iodine-131) directly to malignant cancer cells. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Cellectar an orphan drug designation for Iopofosine I 131 (CLR 131).

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Developed By Cellectar Biosciences
Generic Name Iopofosine I-131 (CLR 131)
Additional Names I-131-CLR1404, CLR131, CLR-131, CLR 131, iopofosine
Treatment Classifications
  • Phospholipid Drug Conjugate (PDC)

Clinical Trials

Published Results

Iopofosine I-131 treatment in late-line patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma post anti-BCMA immunotherapy

September 06, 2022

Initial findings from this CLOVER-1 expansion cohort of quad-class refractory (including anti-BCMA immunotherapy) R/RMM patients adds to the body of evidence that fractionated dosing achieving ≥60 mCi total body dose of iopofosine can be safely administered, leading to an ORR of 50%, with stable disease or better for all treated patients. The depth and durability of response to iopofosine in this heavily pretreated, refractory population compares favorably with previous experience with iopofosine and other treatments being used alone in similar patient populations. One limitation of this primary analysis was its small patient cohort and the short duration of follow-up. Continued patient enrollment in this cohort as well as a longer follow-up is needed.


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