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Compassionate Use Individual Request Program for GSK2857916 in Multiple Myeloma

Compassionate use is restricted to Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients who have failed at least three lines of prior therapy including an anti-CD38 antibody, if available, and refractory to a proteasome inhibitor and an immunomodulatory agent. Patients should also be ineligible for all currently approved standard of care for 4L+ MM in the requesting country.

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A Phase I/II Study to Evaluate Safety, Tolerability, and Clinical Activity of the Antibody-Drug Conjugate GSK2857916 Administered in Combination with Lenalidomide Plus Dexamethasone (Arm A), or Bortezomib Plus Dexamethasone (Arm B) in Participants with Relapsed / Refractory Multiple Myeloma (DREAMM 6)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety of the study drug, GSK2857916, at different doses and how well it works to treat people with multiple myeloma when taken together with Lenalidomide Plus Dexamethasone (Treatment Arm A), or Bortezomib Plus Dexamethasone (Treatment Arm B).

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